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The Principle members of IEG bring invaluable engineering expertise to the table gained through over fifty years of combined experience in providing Professional Engineering Services. From end-to-end conceptual solutions to project turnover and execution. IEG’s staff is capable of delivering construction drawings of all sizes on time and on budget. In preparing construction documents that meet the needs of your project, we incorporate the most innovative and modern engineering practices with regard to access geometry, grading, utility placement, storm water management design, landscape design, pedestrian circulation, and roadway improvement engineering. Our interiors project experience ranges from 1,200 SF interior renovations in Food Service, Commercial, Retail and Administrative spaces to 100,000 SF multi-level interior renovations. Infinity Engineering Group has provided LEED qualifying designs for several ground up construction Projects, which include specific Site Design Elements, Exterior Lighting design, Landscape specifications, Stormwater Management Systems design, Mechanical and Plumbing design and Electrical design. As your Engineering Partner, IEG will coordinate with all local government agencies, water management districts, Building Departments, Department of Hotel and Restaurants, Department of Transportation and Department of Environmental Protection to provide a complete, concise, and approvable final design.  IEG is your one-stop engineering source throughout the Eastern United States. Our experience working with several prominent national clients and major notable contractors provides us with a solid understanding and proven track record of not only what it takes to be successful in the field, but more importantly, what is necessary to get the job done! IEG provides tailored engineering solutions designed to seamlessly meet your goals. IEG is a Certified Minority Business, Certificate No. GF582329, issued by FMSDC a member of the National Minority Supplier Development Council.

 The first phase of our Engineering Process begins with understanding your client’s needs and expectations as it relates to Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Structural, and Fuel Facility/System Engineering services. A detailed review of all expected deliverables and associated time frames is established with Project team. Once time tables are established staff is assigned as required to meet proposed deliverable dates. The Engineering/Design Phase, will consist of CMEPS narratives as required through Schematic Design and 75% progress drawings at Design Development, to be followed by 100% Construction drawings for construction bidding purposes. The permitting phase commences upon completion of the Engineering/ Design phase with reviewing all design documentation with the Client. Upon Client Approval, All required submittal packages to Local Municipalities will be provided for submittal. If comments are issued, a comment response letter reflecting all revisions and their location within the construction documentation along with the revised documents is provided.

Using the accumulated due diligence data and photographic documentation, the design will receive a peer overview along with periodic quality assurance monitoring. Prior to release of design documentation a final review of the design document will be performed by the Engineer of Record, and Principal in Charge or Managing Director. This process will be verified throughout the program in order to maintain the necessary consistency and variance control. We have periodic formal coordination review meetings during design with all disciplines involved.  These meetings allow each design discipline to be informed of the actions of other disciplines, and allow information flow concerning actions of one discipline affecting other disciplines.  All project designs are coordinated by the lead discipline for purposes of overall coordination and integrating the various disciplines into the project.  Our clients are always welcome to and encouraged to attend these meetings.  Client input at these meetings is an important part of the design process working to satisfy the needs of the client.  The Principal in Charge or the Managing Director conducts this meeting.  IEG has always emphasized completing our work within the time frames allotted and on budget.



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